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We recommend using 110 lb. card stock or better for most of our printables.  Please refer to the individual instructions to be sure.


Some of our projects require items that could be swallowed by the very young.  We rely on the supervising adult's judgment to determine how appropriate a project is for each child.




October, 2013


We've created a lot of fun projects over the years for kids and everyone in the family.  This list provides a quick way to find some of the projects our visitors currently enjoy the most. 


Halloween Bingo


We've put a spooky twist on an old favorite.  If you're having a party this Halloween, this would be a great way to give a little extra fun to those "trick or treaters".  Happy Halloween!


Masks to Color


Add the excitement of coloring your mask before you wear it.  With our Masks-to-Color, your imagination is free to create your own party character.  Allow your guests to show their fun side at your next celebration.


American Girl Dolls Bingo


What little girl doesn't love "American Girl Dolls"?  Why not surprise her with this fun game of bingo for a birthday party or just because she's been so good.  All of our images are based on actual American Girl Dolls.  (Names and photographic images are the sole property of American Girl Dolls).  Share this imaginative world with family and friends on game night.


Standard Playing Cards


There's no need to pay for fun when this deck of Printable Standard Playing Cards can be yours for Free.  These original designs are great for playing all of the classic card games.  Just print, cut and play...it's that easy.


Halloween Connect-the-Dots 


Put the "B-O-O!" in your holiday.  Our original Halloween Connect-the-Dots designs are filled with scary creatures and fun.  After you create your picture, use your imagination and coloring supplies to bring your masterpiece to life.


Picture Frames


Our Free Printable Picture Frames can add a splash of color to your scrapbook, web site or blog page.  Personalize your photos for family, friends and internet fans with our 4" x 6", 5" x 7" and our 8" x 10" fun frames.  Enjoy!


Halloween Color-by-Number


You can almost see the smoke coming from the exhaust pipes.  Our Tractor paper craft looks like a familiar member of the farmer's family of equipment.  You'll love the detail to authenticity and the big movable wheels.


Halloween Mazes


Enter the Wonderful World of Disney with our tribute to "Alice in Wonderland".  Based on the 1951 Disney classic, our bingo is filled with all of the fantasy and enchantment this delightful adventure has to offer.  Share it with family and friends as a great party game.


Pumpkin Cut-Out


Wearing the bold colors of the season, this Free Printable Halloween Pumpkin Cut-Out is sure to add that personal touch to your parties or gatherings for the holiday.  Glue several sections together to create garlands for trimming your home, office or classroom. 


Pirate Boy Bingo


A-r-r-r, me mateys!  There're words goin' round bout a fantastic bit of fun that can be got for just the askin'...it's called Pirate Boy Bingo.  Rumor says any o' yer friends can get it too...sounds a bit fishy to me, but I hear this is the place it can be found.  So, grab yer share of the booty and have a great party.




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