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We recommend using 110 lb. card stock or better for most of our printables.  Please refer to the individual instructions to be sure.


Some of our projects require items that could be swallowed by the very young.  We rely on the supervising adult's judgment to determine how appropriate a project is for each child.

A Homemade Easter - DIY for Easter



The traditions of Easter are a wonderful blend of religion and presents from "the Bunny".  Children's eyes widen as they gaze upon the bursting color of cellophane-wrapped baskets, dyed eggs and candy...oh my, the candy! 


But at the heart of every holiday, is the warmth of family.  Time spent together will become fondest memories as the years pass.  So why not set aside some of your time for creating homemade decorations and doing fun activities...together?


Here are a few ideas:


1)  Bake a Bunny Cake:  Select your favorite type of cake and bake two round layers.  Layer One will be the bunny's face, so just place that on a platter and set aside.  Layer Two will become the bunny ears and bow tie.  Cut Layer Two into three pieces as shown in diagram A.  Now arrange the ears and bow tie as in diagram B.  To finish, use Fluffy White icing.  Now, let the kids sprinkle with Flaked Coconut and create the eyes, nose and center of bow tie with jelly beans.  Form the mouth and whiskers with red licorice.  Add some green vegetable coloring to an extra bag of coconut and surround your holiday surprise with a bed of grass.  Enjoy your tasty surprise!


2) Create a garland: It's always fun to decorate with garlands. Have each member of the family draw an Easter-themed design that can be duplicated. For example, eggs, bunnies or baskets. After cutting them out, use each as a template to make enough to string into a garland...it couldn't be easier! Plus, each can be personalized with special enhancements like glitter, stick-on rhinestones or ribbon. These family treasures are the perfect touch for your Easter gatherings.


3)  Have a Jelly Bean Contest:  Why not have a family contest throughout the week before Easter?  The adults in the family are called the "Bean Counters" and are in charge of counting and placing jelly beans in a clear jar.  Use another container such as a small box or tin and mark it "guesses".  Every day, all non-bean counter members of the family enter a guess as to how many jelly beans are in the jar.  Entries must include their name and anyone with more than one guess in the container is disqualified from winning the "Daily Prize".  At the end of each day, everyone gathers for the reading of the entries.  The child closest to the actual number of jelly beans wins a "Daily Prize" such as an Easter sticker.  Each morning, the "Bean Counters" must add to or refill the jelly bean jar, making sure to keep track of the count.  Whoever has collected the most "Daily Prizes" by Easter wins the "Big Prize" such as a big chocolate bunny, an Easter storybook or a week from doing chores.  And don't forget to give all of the runners-up a special prize too so that no one feels left out for the holidays. 


With a few inexpensive ideas and a little family time, you can create that special homemade Easter every year!




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