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We recommend using 110 lb. card stock or better for most of our printables.  Please refer to the individual instructions to be sure.


Some of our projects require items that could be swallowed by the very young.  We rely on the supervising adult's judgment to determine how appropriate a project is for each child.

Articles of Interest


As a parent or guardian, you always want to do your best when it comes to raising a child.  No one has all of the answers.  We present a few articles that may give you a different perspective and thus, broaden the possibilities in directing your child's life to a successful path.

We've also provided holiday editorials that broach some well-known subjects and mix history and fun that may inspire your creative side. 



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Baby's First Birthday Party

Your baby's first birthday is a day worth celebrating in style as it is such an important milestone. Knowing what to do, however, can be difficult, particularly if you will be...Read More.


Creative Spaces

An ideal creative space for your child has a work area and a place for all of their arts and crafts items stored within easy reach on shelves or in containers...Read More.


Encouraging Play

Creativity is a very underrated aspect of childhood development.  Valuable skills sprout from the social interaction and imaginative participation we see when our children play...Read More.


Value of Coloring

It's doubtful that any of us went through childhood without putting crayon to paper.  Yet, as we raise our own children, it often puzzles us as to why such a simple task is so important to childhood development...Read More.




The History of Santa Claus

Rooted in Norse and European legend, the original Saint Nicholas was a kind and generous saint of the 4th century born in Turkey.  Disguised in a hooded cloak, he traveled from door to door leaving gifts of food, clothing and money...Read More.


The Sounds of Christmas

The sounds of Christmas include those heartfelt World War II classics and even those not-so-old additions to the music of the holidays.  But most of all...Read More.




A Homemade Easter

Time spent together will become fondest memories as the years pass.  So why not set aside some of your time for creating homemade decorations and doing fun activities together...Read More.


Symbols of Easter

Every year, millions of people celebrate Easter with decorations, colored eggs and perhaps a visit to their local Church.  But many of the traditional symbols we display during the holiday have a deeper meaning...Read More.




The Origin of Halloween Traditions

On October 31st, we all enjoy the traditions, folklore and fun rooted in the celebration of Halloween or holy evening.  But many well known superstitions and symbols are connected with...Read More.


"Trick or Treat" Candy Holders

For Halloween, there are some simple replacements for "Trick or Treat" candy holders...Read More




The First American Thanksgiving

The First American Thanksgiving was celebrated in Massachusetts by the original colonists who settled in the "New World". After a brutal first winter that claimed nearly half of the Plymouth population...Read More.


Make a Pie from a Real Pumpkin

First of all, the kind of pumpkin you buy does matter.  Those bright orange beauties that everyone buys when the weather begins to turn fall-like won't give you a delicious pumpkin pie...Read More.


Valentine's Day


The History of Valentine's Day

It is possible to link the celebration of Valentine's Day to an earlier Roman lover's feast day called Lupercalia which took place every February 15This day was set aside to honor the Roman goddess of women and marriage...Read More


Why Cupid?

A myth was born that a wound from one of Cupid's arrows caused all and any to fall in love.  So when a beautiful mortal princess named Psyche raised the beast of jealousy in Venus, she decided to punish her for her extraordinary beauty...Read More.




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