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We recommend using 110 lb. card stock or better for most of our printables.  Please refer to the individual instructions to be sure.


Some of our projects require items that could be swallowed by the very young.  We rely on the supervising adult's judgment to determine how appropriate a project is for each child.

Creative Spaces
Giving your child a wonderful place to create...


From a very early age, all children have the ability to be creative. Through drawing, painting and craft projects, children learn about color and texture as they continue to develop their fine motor skills.

When they have mastered using basic art or craft tools, children can let their imaginations run wild in order to create their own masterpieces.  Arts and crafts are a very relaxing pastime.  Losing yourself in your activity for a while is an intimate way to tune out all the daily stresses encountered. Encouraging your child to be creative gives them escapism, where their imagination can grow. It is also a means of taking a break from school work or study while keeping their minds active and eager to learn through play.

A child who learns to think creatively will be able to use this throughout their lifetime to solve problems both during study and socially.

It's easy to foster a love of arts and crafts in your children. By giving them the right tools such as paper, pens, paint and glue, they can create images, collage or models. It is important to always praise their efforts however small; this way their confidence will grow and they'll be much more willing to try out new ideas in this and other areas of their life.

While allowing your children freedom to be creative is a great idea in the thought stage, in practice it can sometimes be difficult when their "imagination" spills over onto the floor or walls. If you set up a "creative area", it's much easier to establish boundaries as to where it is ok to be messy and where it is not.

An ideal creative space for your child has a work area and a place for all of their arts and crafts items stored within easy reach on shelves or in containers.

Let your child help with designing their creative area.  Include their favorite bold, bright colors and a place of honor to showcase their own work. Good lighting is also very important.  If possible, provide plenty of natural light; a window with a good view is great for artistic inspiration.

There are many ways you can decorate the room to help your child's creative abilities flourish.  Instead of supplying a blackboard, why not paint an area of the wall with blackboard paint so they can design their own wall murals.

It is also important that the area will grow with your child as they grow older and their creative likes and dislikes change.

Design the area with washable surfaces and floors to deal quickly and easily with any spills and help your child to learn to keep their work area tidy. Children's desks provide a great work area which is easy to clean and keep organized. The creative skills learned in childhood will last a lifetime.




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